Project Partners

hemososft logo A4-01Hemosoft IT and Training Services (Turkey):

HEMOSOFT is an R&D company which develops IT solutions and e-training tools, designs biomedical devices and electronic solutions, and provides project management, training and consultancy services in fields of health, agriculture and livestock. It has 5 nationally implemented health IT solutions and over 20 off-the-shelf products (i.e. HEMOSOFT’s blood banking system has been actively utilized for 10 years in Turkey’s blood nationwide blood supply chain and within this time period, the system has successfully tracked over 10 million blood components vein-to-vein). HEMOSOFT, with its intense activities in the fields of medicine, is a company which internalized medical terminology, coding references and standards (such as ICD 10, ATC, HL7, etc.). Product and service portfolio of HEMOSOFT comprises biological banking management information systems (cord blood, tissue, blood, stem cell, etc.), national health surveillance systems, health related training/education portals and clinical information management and decision support systems built on expert knowledge (i.e. Bone Marrow Transplantation, Exercise Prescription, Blood Supply Safety decision support systems). Working together with numerous medical experts from different fields, HEMOSOFT has developed an effective methodology for the facilitated translation of expert knowledge into rule engine databases for decision support mechanisms and development of the smart system components. Additionally, HEMOSOFT is actively conducting multidisciplinary R&D studies and in the light of the findings within the R&D projects have been carried out, more than 70 scientific articles which are composed by HEMOSOFT’s staff and/or involving HEMOSOFT’s products has been published due to their novel contribution to their respective fields of application. National and international project development, management and implementation are the few of HEMOSOFT’s expertise areas. HEMOSOFT has completed two Lifelong Learning Leonardo da Vinci projects (aiming developing innovative e-training tools and contents) as project coordinator in the past. HEMOSOFT has also successfully coordinated and/or contributed to projects funded by EU Framework Programmes, UNDP, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), State Planning Organization (Turkey), and a number of other funding agencies.




Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. ( is the head company of the ENGINEERING Group, a global player and the first Italian group in the field of System Integration along the whole software value chain: research, design, development, implementation, IT and strategic consulting.

Its Health Care Unit represents the first Italian subject for products, services, consultancy in innovative e-health. Currently, it provides 70% Italian health organisations, with 177 customers, 1.100 product installations and almost 70 Mln€ of annual revenues.

It relies on a dedicate research group, IT Systems for eHealth (IT4H), 620 professionals, three developing laboratories and several years’ experience and competencies for designing, prototyping, developing and supplying solutions through the application of technologies as mHealth, AI, IoT, human computer interaction, machine learning and data mining, big data, FHIR standards.

In the last years, it has been leading / coordinating / collaborating to several national and European e-health projects (8 closed, 4 in progress, 2 starting) on pathologies remote monitoring, prevention, community empowerment, security and privacy, PDTA automation, personalised medicine, big data. Some projects with a relevance for the diabetes pathology, among the others, worth to be mentioned: DM Coach, SmartHealth 2.0, eHealthNet, Hippocrates (please, see annex-A.10). A paper has been written on the theme, “Wellness & LifeStyle Server: a Platform for Anthropometric and LifeStyle Data Analysis”, describing business processes, software architecture and indirect monitoring strategy of a lifestyle monitoring platform, developed for the SmartHealth 2.0 Project (please, see TD5 – sec. 5.2).

Concerning product and services, Engineering provides several healthcare organizations with different IT solutions, among which AREAS®, AUTOLAV ®, Privacy Manager, n.6 Electronic Health Record, n.5 Health Regional Registries, a complete regional information system (please, see TD5 – sec. 5.3).

Moreover, it is collaborating with HL7 to promote and release its FHIR standard; and with IHE for the coordination of the use of established international standards in healthcare organisations (please, see TD5 – sec. 5.3).



 HAVELSAN A.Ş. (Turkey)

HAVELSAN, which was one of cornerstones in the establishment of Turkey’s modern defence and aerospace industry, has been operating as a company with a mission since 1982 with its more than 1,300 expert staff and a total of six facilities in Turkey and the United States. Having undersigned many reference projects in the national and international markets, HAVELSAN is a reliable and sustainable provider of high technology products and services in its fields of activity, owing to innovative and sustainable strategies. Actively engaged in the area of software intensive systems, HAVELSAN offers a broad range of indigenous product and service solutions in the fields of: (i) Command Control and Combat Systems, (ii) Training and Simulation Technologies, (iii) Management Information Systems, (iv) eHealth solutions, (v) Homeland Security and Cyber Security Solutions. HAVELSAN provides state-of-the-art  medium  and  large  scale  Information Technology  solutions,  with   related  consulting,  designing,  developing, implementing,  operating  and  maintaining  services  in Turkey and near region. Healthcare IT, e-Health, healthcare service connectivity and medical informatics are components of the most concentrated business line for HAVELSAN. HAVELSAN with its extensive domain expertise, hundreds of successfully implemented projects, and comprehensive e-health solutions (mainly for hospitals – Hospital Information System) is one of the leading Health IT vendor in Turkey. HAVELSAN has a dedicated Health IT group formed from  health  IT  professionals  and has the mission of developing new generation, innovative e-health solutions. Having worked on software intensive systems for many years and holding a CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 3 certification in this field, HAVELSAN considers the subject of cyber security – on which it has been working to ensure the security of its own systems – as a separate line of work.




The Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is a research Institute with the primary goal of studying and designing innovative solutions in terms of methodological and applicative research, technology transfer and high education in Information and Communication Technology, with particular reference to domains of significant importance for the development of the economy and society, such as the areas of healthcare and cultural heritage. The definition of i) models, ii) distributed and high performance software systems based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality techniques, and iii) knowledge representation and elaboration, is, in fact, fundamental to the achievement of the main objectives of advanced societies and thus testify the importance of the scientific mission of ICAR-CNR. Its main lines of research are cognitive systems and artificial intelligence, high performance systems for large data processing, representation, knowledge extraction and management, optimization, human-computer interaction.

ICAR-CNR is organized in three territorial branches: Rende, Naples, and Palermo. ICAR-CNR is an Institute in continuous numerical and qualitative growth. Today it has about 135 staff units with different kinds of contracts. Thanks to its growing reputation in the national and international scientific community and to the efforts made in recent years in the internationalization process of its activities, many professors and researchers come from Universities and research centers all over the world and require the status of the associate researcher. In the same way, ICAR-CNR promotes and encourages both the collaborations of individual researchers with other international research institutions and collaborations in more structured forms, involving the entire Institute, through memoranda of understanding on specific research topics. ICAR-CNR produces more than 200 publications for year.

A large number of activities performed are included in the numerous international and national projects on eHealth to which the Institute participates. In particular, ICAR-CNR is a national technical reference on Italian Electronic Health Record interoperability.



vree_rgbVREE Health Italia S.r.l. (Italy)

Vree Health Italia is the clear leader in the digital health and connected care in Italy. Since its inception the company has developed a steady ad long terms roadmap of technologies and competencies to be key player and partner from the public health system. This has been recognized by National Health System through several achievements : best long terms view as digital company – S@lute 2015 and 2016 by Forum PA, best digital company – Aboutpharma 2016 and 2017, Aboutpharma and Diagnostics. The company capabilities span from clinical and health organizational performance, process design and redesign, service modeling including private and public competencies, digital platforms for disease management, tele-health, remote monitoring,  BI and Clinical Intelligence, KPI definition and tracking. A change management expertise, innerved by a Six sigma culture, positions Vree Health as a partner for clinicians, nurses, policy makers and healthcare payers who decided to rethink the organization of the primary care and the integration with the specialty care. Vree Health supervise and control all end-to-end services where is involved, contracting third parties ad private and public healthcare providers with critical skills: Health Nursing Centers (local and remote), Case Managers, Care Managers, Specialist Tele-Rx, etc. In the vision of Vree Health “contracting” means to check that clinical knowledge, service management, customer care, change management, project management, teamwork are the key competencies of a multisourcing team.



Family Doctors Federation

The federation of Family Doctors’ Associations (AHEF) is a federation operating in Ankara, which forms from Province Family Doctors’ Associations, and the chair and the full members are currently are duty as family doctors. The Federation was established in 2008 and there are 68 affiliated Province Family Doctors’ Associations and 15000 member family doctors. These associations are represented by delegates at the Federation’s General Assembly. The Federation also has a commercial enterprise.

It represents the member associations formally and informally on national and international platforms. Health related developments are followed and necessary steps are taken to elevate the family medicine practice to current and contemporary standards. AHEF aims to bring the Turkish family medicine practice to a level that it is internationally taken as a model in “Primary Health Care Service” and to become expert on the field. In this regard, AHEF fulfills its services independently in legal boundaries and under international ethical norms.

Live with Diabetes Association

Live with Diabetes Association was founded in 1997 by individuals with diabetes and their families in order to carry out activities carry out that would help increase the quality of life of diabetes patients and their families as well as that of individuals who have the risk of developing diabetes. There are currently 17 offices including the headquarters. The number of branch offices is planned to be increased to 20 in 2019 and efforts to establish new branch offices are already underway.

Turkish Society of Internal Medicine

Turkish Society of Internal Medicine was founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization and since then the Society has grown fast and reached over 1500 members currently. The Society has a mission to be leader in the training and continuing medical education of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists; and in the delivery of high quality patient care. Aligned with this mission, one of the goals of the Society is to support scientific research projects in the field of internal medicine and to mediate a respectful relationship between the Society and the public, the academia and the industry. The society holds different scientific and educational activities as well as campaigns to increase awareness in important topics with in the scientific and the social society. The Annual Congress of Internal Medicine is one of the landmark activities of the Society hosting 3500-4000 participants each year. Besides, several Schools of Internal Medicine is held in different cities in Turkey with 200-500 participants in each school. The Society publishes the “Turkish Journal of Internal Medicine” (4 issues per year), the textbook “Basics of Internal Medicine” (4th edition) and the Turkish translation of the textbook “Cecil Textbook of Medicine”. The Society has been organizing the “Board Examination in Internal Medicine” since 2002.

Two long-term, large cohort projects are sponsored by the TSIM. The oldest one is the Turkish Physicians Cohort, which is a survey based prospective cohort study since 2009 to obtain data about the chronic diseases and their risk factors along with the compliance to preventive healthcare principles among physicians. The second one is the Turkish Framingham-Nevşehir run is a settled population in central Anatolia. An intervention and an observation arm are followed-up to detect prevalence and incidence of “modern world diseases” and the effects of interventions to decrease risk factors. Public awareness campaigns and training programs avout chronic diseases are organized based on the domain trademarked in Turkish as “Internists, the doctor for adults”. Besides, smaller scale studies and international surveillance projects are also supported by the Society.

Aegean Individuals with Diabetes Association

Aegean Individuals with Diabetes Association was founded in June 17, 2010. The headquarters is in Izmir. The association is membered by 179 individuals. Diabetes patients, diabetes nurses, pharmacists, dentists are among the members of the board as well as the members of the association.